Susan J. Nassuna - Writing & Wellness

My life's work is to help you become the hero of your story and not the victim, by opening your heart whose intuitive intelligence is much more powerful than that of the mind, and through it heal your past, learn how to navigate stressful life events and upheavals, and find true meaning and deep purpose in your life.

                                   About Me

Welcome! What a delight to have you here.

I'm Susan, a Ugandan-Dutch writer and highly experienced trainer in the fields of Writing for Wellness, Meditation and Mindfulness, and Stress Management.

Whether you're looking to transform your personal or professional life, no matter where you're from or what you've experienced, I can help you to identify the mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck and overwhelmed, and release them.

If you're curious about using creativity and focused awareness to help you heal trauma, learn how to manage and overcome stressful life situations and upheavals, or just want to wake up and live a conscious and connected life, I'm here to be your life-transformational guide on a path I know so well.

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